Działania z młodzieżą z mniejszymi szansami – wolontariat w Libanie

Grupa docelowa: Nie określono
Miejsce: Bejrut, Liban
Data wydarzenia: 1.11.2019-31.05.2020
Data aplikacji: 05/05/2019
Koszty uczestnictwa: Wstęp wolny.
Nagrody / Stypendium: Nie dotyczy.
Strona wydarzenia: http://volo.frsp.eu/2019/04/08/wolontariat-w-libanie/
Opis wydarzenia:

Wolontariat w Libanie to wspólna propozycja Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i Young Women’s Christian Association-Beirut. Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres mailowy natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu

Działania wolontariuszy EVS skupiać będą się na współpracy z nauczycielami,trenerami aby prowadzić dla młodzieży szkolenia. Wraz z ekspertami będą przygotowywać studentów na wejście na rynek pracy, świadcząc usługi nauki języków obcych. Mile widziane są również dodatkowe umiejętności wolontariuszy, które przydadzą się w animacji czasu wolnego i prowadzeniu np. warsztatów z handmade’u czy działań dla lokalnych dzieci. Wolontariat w Libanie

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 5 maja 2019r.

Warunki udziału:

Receiving organisation: Young Women’s Christian Association-Beirut Wolontariat w Libanie
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Deadline: 05/05/2019
Duration: long term (7 months)
Start: November 2018
Placements: 2 volunteers

Description of organisation

The Young Women’s Christian Association is the oldest volunteer organization in Lebanon to address challenges facing women and girls. It has been active since the beginning of the 20th Century, in developing leadership qualities and promoting the collective power of women and girls in order for them to achieve equal rights, health, security, dignity and freedom.

The YWCA Beirut also pioneered the launching of educational as well as capacity building programs for youth and women. It is a distinctive forum for the discussion of women’s issues and has a multi dimensional program strategy that includes several projects , activities and a number of social advocacy issues:
– The YWCA Technical College : develop vocational skills that prepare students for the job market.
– The Center for Women : Empower women and girls by providing them with vocational training, counseling services, workshops, vital information and advice, etc.
– Membership activities: Organized on a monthly basis and include meetings, lectures and other activities which allow members to enhance their knowledge, acquire new interests and develop new friendships.
– The Youth Cultural Center: is a public meeting place to promote cultural conferences and activities .
– The Hostel: Welcomes eligible women and young girls whether working, studying or transient in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
– The Atelier: Offers programs that develop women’s expertise and hobbies such as painting, hand crafts, Make up sessions,..

Project description

YWCA technical college offers activities that aim at the personal development of students; intercultural learning, youth empowerment and other life issues. Volunteers can take part in arranging for such activities in coordination with the administration and some school teachers.

Volunteers will be required to develop an action plan and suggest or introduce innovative strategies to improve the teaching of foreign languages. His/her role in this field is not to replace the academic staff, but to support them and motivate them on applying new and interesting teaching methods. He/she will put in place numerous activities designed to promote foreign language teaching and learning under the framework of intercultural practice and non-formal education. More concretely:

1) English Activity:

Providing English courses for YWCA target groups(mainly youngsters and womens)which will develop overall command of English in all areas
-Meeting the language teachers to review the lesson plan with the concerned teacher of the class and modify whatever necessary to meet the student’s needs and fill any gaps
-Teaching the English language through fun as games & role-playing,games in which the students describe their characters’ actions through speech,dialogues,etc
-Using new technology in classrooms including pictures&short videos
-using non formal education methods and their creativity to facilitate learning issue


-Participating in educational workshops and sessions,learning new methods and sharing expertise in all workshops given at YWCA to be able then organize workshops too.
-Accompanying teachers to all workshops given outside YWCA throughout the scholastic year.
-film festivals and documentaries.
-organizing Panel Discussions about human rights and gender issues.
-organizing lectures on various subjects such as the environment,the psyche,health,nutrition,women’s rights,cultural diversity, multiculturalism, migration processes,etc

3)Youth CLUB and Technical College:

-Organizing extra Outdoor activities for youth(as visits at museum,garden,touristic sites)
-prepring additional indoor activities for youngsters(art,dance,theater,documentary films,cultural activities,cake&bake sale)
-Taking pictures&videos
-handling social media Wolontariat w Libanie
-Preparing the International Women’s Day Cultural Event with the objective of promoting a greater understanding of the problems facing women in Lebanon
-Cooking competitions:
*Students majoring Hotel Management compete twice per year.Volunteers will be a member of the jury committee

4)Duty & Office Work : The Volunteer are going to help in Administrative fields as:

-Filing folders Wolontariat w Libanie
-Using computer(data entry) Wolontariat w Libanie
-Picking-up and delivering small items
-Photocopy Wolontariat w Libanie

accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Since the project will be implemented in our Organization, local transportation can be arranged easily since accommodation will be in same area of the association.
Lodging: Full board accommodation: Single/double room in YWCA’s dorms.
Transport:The local transportation costs of the volunteers necessary for the activities implementation will be covered 100% by the association from the project budget.
The international transport of the volunteer from her home to the site of the project is expected to be covered

training during the project

– Geeting familiar to Lebaneses culture
– Arabic language
– Workshop given to the student of YWCA’s Technical College
– Capacity building training

volunteer profile

The profile of the volunteers will be related to the topic of the project and whether it matches their interest areas and expertise. It will be discussed and collaborated with the sending organisations who will be selecting their volunteers in recruiting a volunteer who have expertise in the field, proficient in English and/or French language and understanding a little Arabic is a plus.
– Required age for volunteers:  the best up 22 to 30 years (very important is the maturity of candidates, that’s why we decided to older candidates than those in the permissible age of the program), but we can consider younger candidates as well between 18-22 years old as well.
– Background of essential educational skills
– Availability in period of time for EVS: up to 6 months.
– Working hours: up to 7 working hours/day. Wolontariat w Libanie
– To be independent in organizing their leisure time, be open minded about new culture and subcultures.
– Strong motivation for work with people and adaptability to the different situations.
– Intercultural attitudes: curiosity and openness, readiness to suspend disbelief about other cultures and belief about one’s own
– Flexibility, creativity, sense for responsibility and good communication skills.

how to apply

Send us an email with motivational letter and Cv in English.