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We create a world of more efficient, fun and modern learning thanks to new technologies. 

We make a change in the way we learn, making it more applicable for the future work or life challenges and adapting education to the  current world changes, especially to technological  revolution 4.0.

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Rising up the entrepreneurial spirit in youth – for better future.

Entrepreneurial competence,  VR learning, how AI is shaping our reality, elevator pitch training and more.

The partnership in this project intent to develop different innovative approaches to help students, teachers and educators, VET schools, VET institutions and businesses to cooperate successfully in preparing the young generation for 4.0. job market .

The project will develop software/App, which will provide onboarding training for apprentices to give VET institutions and educators support in preparing students for starting their apprenticeships with employers.

The main innovative result of the project is a VR game, which will not only provide a modern educational tool according to the individual needs of learners, but will also have an inclusive approach, providing learning opportunities according to participants’ individual abilities, connected with key competences.

  • Research on Future competences
  • Gaming Methodology framework
  • VR mobile game
  • Educational manual

Online training that allows students to get to know the world of Artificial Intelligence world from scratch in 4 hours. Unique  online workshop allows to understand the basic and some of the more complex processes of AI. 

  • 4 hours workshop with experts
  • Theoretical knowledge about AI
  • Practice of AI knowledge – developing your own machine learning system with an expert
  • Practical group tasks

Project will promote common understanding and access to entrepreneurship via Virtual Reality, will support young people in transition moment in their life from schooling system into labour market, thanks to gaining entrepreneurship competence. 

  • 4 hours VR workshop
  • Free VR game for training the entrepreneurial skills
  • Adaptable lecture for the school format
  • Sharing the good practice of using VR in formal education